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Recruiting Is the Life-Blood for Booming Businesses – Valerie Bowser

Josh Skolnick, CEO and founder of Monster Tree Service, is like most successful entrepreneurs: he’s a planner AND a doer. For instance, the new corporate headquarters Monster Tree Service just opened in Doylestown, PA contains plenty of space to accommodate infrastructure Skolnick needs to support his current franchisees and attract new owners. He realizes he MUST have the players in place to execute his vision and swiftly turn Monster Tree Service into a household name from coast to coast.

That’s where Valerie Bowser comes in. Valerie is the National Director of Talent for Monster Tree Service. She’s been on the job less than four months, but has hit the ground running – finding and placing top personnel, to work as arborists, managers, plant health specialists, and more, for franchise owners.

Recently, we interviewed Valerie to see how she is enjoying the responsibility of matching people to opportunity, with Monster Tree Service.

Monster Tree Service (MTS): You have had an extensive, successful career in recruiting, and managing talent acquisition, as well as implementing programs for those specific areas. So, what intrigued you about Monster Tree Service?

Valerie Bowser (VB): It was a unique opportunity to “paint my own canvas,” if you will. Josh realized he would have to compete for top talent and build a pipeline of candidates to stay ahead of the competition. He has tasked me with building the talent acquisition matrix from the ground up. Not many people get the opportunity to do this!

MTS: You have only been on the job since November of last year, so what have you been able to accomplish in that short time frame?

VB: One of the things I really focused on when I came to work here is having a greater social media presence. Running ads in the newspaper is just not nearly as effective as it used to be. That’s why I immediately started implementing such job search platforms as, LinkedIn,  Indeed, Google Jobs, and other widely read websites.

I’ve also just recently partnered with U.S., a national clearing house for jobs. Our search for great talent will now extend to every state’s website, as well as military Veterans.  It’s a terrific way to get the Monster Tree Service brand a ton of nationwide exposure, as well.

MTS: Does an applicant have to have a background in tree service?

VB: Not necessarily. Josh wants me to find quality people, regardless of their background. He’s confident our extensive, complete training programs can help anyone become a contributing member of any Monster Tree Service team, in any of our locations.

MTS: You have worked for a similar company before. What is the Monster Tree Service difference?

VB: First, there is NO OTHER COMPANY LIKE MONSTER TREE SERVICE! It is the first and only franchise tree service company of it’s kind. That really appeals to people looking to make their own mark in the world, while working as part of a team.

I also believe Monster Tree Service’s holistic approach to taking care of trees really resonates with clients. The franchisees and their trained staff want to do all they can to save a tree, unless it’s in imminent danger of causing injury, or property damage.

MTS: What’s it like working directly with CEO/Founder, Josh Skolnick?

VB: It’s very exciting, because he’s a true visionary, constantly seeking out every opportunity to make life better for his franchisees. For example, he hired me to help franchisees get off the ground quicker because my expertise is recruiting. That helps the owners save time and money while allowing them to focus directly on what they’re great at!

MTS: Which leads me to this question: how do you find the best candidates?

VB: Well, it helps to be passionate about what I do, but I’m also a CIR-Certified Internet Recruiter, so I know how to use the web more effectively and efficiently than someone just posting jobs, and scrolling through resumes. That passion and experience allows me to find people others just don’t see.  

Also, I’m really into relationship building. It’s not a “transactional thing” with me. I want to really get to know a candidate, giving them as much information as I can to help them make a positive decision about coming to work for Monster Tree Service. Even if they choose not to do so at the time, the very least they will do is give me a great endorsement to someone else, or eventually, circle back to me. That’s a “win-win”!

If you are interested in an opportunity to be involved with the country’s first, and fastest growing professional, tree service, Monster Tree Service wants to talk to you! You, too, could be creating a healthier, more beautiful environment, with greater potential for success as a member of an Monster Tree Service team.

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