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The Top 10 Markets for Monster Tree Franchise Expansion in 2019

We are the nation’s first tree-care franchise. But that doesn’t mean Monster Tree Service has all of our bases covered! We are seeking enthusiastic, motivated, capable franchise partners who want to create fantastic entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves and, in the process, help us continue to expand the Monster Tree brand so that we cover the entire United States.

Our ideal franchise candidates are people who are 40 years old and older, with a net worth of $1 million or more, located in the suburbs – and likely in the midst of career transition and eager to find a new opportunity.

Often, these folks will be senior executives who are emigres from desk jobs or heavy travel responsibilities in corporate America who would much rather be outside in the fresh air, working with big mechanical toys, and enjoying the workday freedom and financial upside that they will find as a Monster Tree partner.

These Monster Tree franchisees will be eager to use their management experience and savvy, combined with their “Tonka truck” mentality, to build a business quickly – and, often to step away a bit, as a semi-absentee owner, within 12 to 18 months. With the help of Monster Tree’s fantastic system of franchise development, these franchisees can then move on to develop their next Monster Tree franchise in an adjacent geographic area, as part of creating their own multi-unit Monster Tree Service empire.

Where are our next franchise partners located? Monster Tree has targeted 10 major metropolitan markets for 2019 where we’re especially eager to join with entrepreneurial go-getters to help them reach their dreams as we continue to expand the Monster Tree brand:

Denver: A magnet for outdoors-oriented millennials, techies and foodies, the Mile High City boasts some of the most promising business growth opportunities of any city of America.

Houston: Thriving as a center of the U.S. oil-refinement business, Houston is one of America’s most international cities too, with a highly diversified economy that’s growing with Texas.

Indianapolis: The city is experiencing an economic overhaul with new tech employers such as Salesforce joining its solid base in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing.

Kansas City: Sometimes underestimated, Kansas City mixes a solid manufacturing base with tech employment and the logistical advantages of being in the middle of America.

Detroit: Known as the Motor City, Detroit is the center of Michigan’s booming economy and thriving tourism industry.  

Salt Lake City: Utah’s economy has become one of the most robust in the nation, and Salt Lake City is its star, offering a diversified employment base, fresh air, mountains and quality of life.

San Antonio: The city best known for its gorgeous Riverwalk is so much more: a vibrant business center that has become a mix of high-paying manufacturing jobs and a rising technology sector.

Tampa: A center for tourism, with growing real estate development and technology sectors, this city has moved to the leading edge of the statewide boom in the Sunshine State economy.

Concord, New Hampshire: The capital of New Hampshire, this beautiful city is known for old buildings, beautiful architecture and a low unemployment rate.

Portland, Maine: Known for its gorgeous 19th-century architecture, Portland is Maine’s capital city and is home to Maine’s largest port and largest population.

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